Introducing The Next Echelon of
Clinical Revenue Cycle Performance

Accuity’s patent pending Amplifi technology boosts the results of our highly effective secondary review service.

More Revenue

Because no stone is left unturned

Faster Turnaround

Charts get to billing sooner

Accurate Clinical Picture

Every chart is complete, compliant and accurate

“A one-two punch of physician-created technology followed by the experience and critical thinking of our physician-led interactive review teams that validate the opportunities and complete the process.”

Hani Judeh, MD Accuity Chief Medical Officer

Accuity’s Clinical Intelligence Encapsulated

This extremely complex technology-enabled intelligence could only have been born from Accuity’s experience doing this work since 2016 and our unique approach anchored on clinical expertise.

The Patent Pending Amplifi Technology Brings Together:

  • Historical insights from our experience gained from reviewing millions of charts
  • Specialist mapped criteria for a complete set of APR- and MS-DRGs
  • Criteria rooted in compliance

More Opportunities & Accuracy

Amplifi instantly reviews every incoming chart, not just a subset of commonly reviewed DRGs, which helps drive full revenue integrity. Additionally, fully accurate clinical documentation correlates to a positive impact on quality metrics like CC/MCC capture rate and HCC code capture.

Fast-Tracked Results

Validated charts are returned instantly for billing. Charts with potential opportunity move on to our physician-led interactive review teams, with those opportunities linked to references throughout the documentation for a streamlined, insights-backed review.

In the News

Industry Certifications – Privacy and Security

Accuity is laser-focused on the goals, needs, and processes of the health systems we serve. Security, privacy and data protection are a top priority, and we take our commitment to protecting our clients data seriously as indicated by the following achievements:

  • SOC 1 Type 2 certified
  • HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) certified, which includes all three HIPAA factors:
    • HIPAA Breach Notification
    • HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • HIPAA Security Rule
      • NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1 Certification