Accuity Unveils AI-Powered Clinically Intelligent Technology to Enhance its Comprehensive Middle Revenue Cycle Support Services

by | Oct 11, 2023

Accuity, a pioneer in physician-led mid-revenue cycle support, has announced the launch of Amplifi, a proprietary, patent-pending technology that boosts the results of the clinical documentation services it provides to large health systems and hospitals. With the addition of Amplifi into its internal workflow, Accuity’s combination of technology and clinical expertise offers a completely unique, turnkey service model designed to address the top needs of its health system clients.

“As its name suggests, Amplifi expands on the foundation of Accuity’s highly effective secondary review approach,” said Glenn Dixon, Accuity Head of Technology. “The cornerstone of this technology innovation is the Amplifi engine, which encapsulates the clinical indicators for every diagnosis alongside insights from the millions of reviews completed since Accuity was founded in 2016. This means that in addition to factoring in all the data contained in each incoming chart, Amplifi considers proven historical findings and outcomes in its recommendations.”

The Amplifi engine’s logic was built by mapping Accuity’s physicians’ clinical expertise for a complete set of MS- and APR- DRG resulting in more than 175,000 decision pathways and 330,000 logic nodes. Following the vision and leadership of Accuity Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hani Judeh, every inpatient clinical scenario was built and validated by sub-specialty physicians. Therefore, the engine looks at each chart from a specialist’s vantage point to uncover gaps that only a physician with relevant bedside experience could identify. To stay aligned with hospital criteria and in compliance with coding guidelines and rules, the diagnosis blueprints at the core of the Amplifi engine are continuously refined by Accuity’s experts.

“With Amplifi in play, the entire medical record is clinically analyzed in comparison to its assigned DRG and codes as soon as it comes in from our clients,” said Dr. Judeh. “You get the one-two punch of technology that can ingest a large amount of information quickly and run it against a physician-created algorithm followed by the experience and critical thinking of our physician-led interactive review teams that validate the opportunities and complete the process. The result is more actionable opportunities and decreased turnaround times.”

Amplifi is now available immediately to all current and new Accuity clients.

Accuity will be hosting a live online presentation about how the addition of Amplifi positively impacts its service and its clients’ results on Thursday, December 19th at 2PM EST / 11AM PST. Register for free here.

About Accuity

Headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. Accuity’s tech-enabled physician-led platform provides hospitals with accurate, higher-quality clinical documentation and compliant coding so they can thrive in today’s complex value-driven environment. Accuity’s triad inpatient clinical documentation review strategy incorporates physicians, CDI specialists, and coders combined with data-driven proprietary analytics to identify clinical documentation improvement opportunities. Accuity’s clients realize optimized reimbursement, better educated and engaged physicians, and improved quality measures. Clients engage with a 60-day, no-risk pilot, driving proven rapid results.

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