Accuity Announces Proprietary Intelligence-Infused Clinical Documentation Review Technology Integrating Microsoft Text Analytics For Health

by | Jul 13, 2023

Accuity, a pioneer in comprehensive, physician-led mid-revenue cycle support, is pleased to announce that it has developed proprietary technology to enhance the clinical documentation services it provides to large health systems and hospitals. Unlike software solutions, this technology is not utilized by the health system’s staff and instead supplements Accuity’s turnkey work. This means even stronger results and higher-quality clinical documentation for Accuity’s clients, without the burden of onboarding and maintaining the technology in their own environment.

Accuity’s patent-pending innovation is comprised of three primary elements: a clinical intelligence engine built by physicians to think like physicians, natural language processing of incoming chart information using Microsoft Text Analytics for health within Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for Language, and a smart workflow interface. Leveraging insights derived from more than three million case reviews spanning all specialties, the solution’s components were built by Accuity’s physicians, medical coders, clinical documentation review specialists, and technology developers over the past two years.

The signature component is the clinical intelligence engine, in which Accuity’s physicians’ expertise was meticulously codified in more than a thousand mind maps. Because every in-patient clinical scenario was built and validated by sub-specialty physicians, the engine looks at each chart from a specialist’s vantage point to uncover gaps that only a physician with that relevant bedside experience could identify.

“Accuity was founded by physicians who saw a bold new way to improve clinical documentation accuracy through what has become our sought-after solution,” said Accuity Chief Executive Officer Todd Van Meter. “Since 2016 we’ve honed the most effective and compliant approach. We built an unmatched physician-centric clinical team and paired them with technology, resulting in an enormous positive impact on the health systems we are honored to serve. By investing our talent and resources into building this revolutionary tool, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to ensuring health systems are fully reimbursed for the inpatient care they provide.”

The nuanced and unique language used in the incoming medical records must be processed for the engine to be able to analyze the data. For this piece, Accuity integrated Text Analytics for health. This cloud-based API service applies machine-learning intelligence to extract and label relevant medical information from a variety of unstructured texts such as doctor’s notes, nursing notes, vitals, lab results, radiology reports, and more.

“Unlocking insights from healthcare data has the potential to help improve healthcare services and patient experiences,” said Hadas Bitran, Partner Group Manager, Microsoft Health & Life Sciences. “Accuity’s integration of Text Analytics for health shifts clinical documentation reviews from a manual to cloud-based AI process and allows their team to extract insights more efficiently and accurately.”

Even with this technology, the foundation of Accuity’s service remains the same – human expertise navigating every detail of each medical encounter and determining the most accurate clinical documentation and resulting coding interpretation. The work performed by Accuity’s physician-led clinical review teams will be supported by the third element of the innovation, a smart workflow interface that highlights the insights uncovered by the clinical intelligence engine.

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About Accuity

Headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. Accuity’s tech-enabled physician-led platform provides hospitals with accurate, higher-quality clinical documentation and compliant coding so they can thrive in today’s complex value-driven environment. Accuity’s triad inpatient clinical documentation review strategy incorporates physicians, CDI specialists, and coders combined with data-driven proprietary analytics to identify clinical documentation improvement opportunities. Accuity’s clients realize optimized reimbursement, better educated and engaged physicians, and improved quality measures. Clients engage with a 60-day, no-risk pilot, driving proven rapid results.

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