Clinical Intelligence

Accuity combines the power of experienced physicians,
CDI specialists and coders with advanced technology to deliver the most effective and efficient physician-led clinical documentation review in the industry.


Significant Revenue

Our tech-enabled, physician-led review delivers a 200-275%+ ROI, identifying revenue you otherwise wouldn’t capture


Clinical Documentation

Accuity ensures you have the most accurate, complete and compliant clinical documentation for the best outcomes


Fast for Speed to Value

Accuity’s streamlined implementation drives ROI in 6-8 weeks with minimal IT effort


Physician Engagement

Our board-certified physician team educates your doctors using your hospital’s own clinical documentation data for personalized, concrete results


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Start your risk free, high return experience with Accuity. 

Hospitals realize a measurable, substantial ROI with Accuity. 

Accuity Client Results

A unique physician-led solution to boost documentation integrity and your hospital’s financial performance 

Through proprietary data-driven workflows, Accuity reviews inpatient medical records on all payers between patient discharge and billing. Our team of multi-specialty physicians paired with coding and CDI specialists performs an interactive clinical documentation review to ensure clinical data integrity. Hospitals benefit by having the most complete, accurate and compliant documentation, which drives optimal reimbursement and enhanced quality measures.

With Accuity, hospitals are clinically confident and fiscally responsible.

Unique Accuity Solution

Financial Improvement

100% pre-bill solution delivers a 200-275%+ client return.

Clinical Expertise

Scalable team of US-based full-time physicians, coders and CDI specialists.

Proven Experience

Over 1.5 million inpatient charts reviewed.

Physician Engagement

Data-driven physician education for improved documentation.

“Accuity’s solution is one of the best I’ve come across in the last ten years. Its high-quality physician-led review helps us ensure we have the most accurate clinical documentation possible, which has helped drive greater financial performance and quality measures for our health system.”

Tim Graham,

Vice President of Revenue Cycle, One Brooklyn Health System