Coagulopathy: A Multidisciplinary Concern – ACDIS Podcast

by | Mar 7, 2022

In clinical documentation, cases often arise that are commonly difficult to accurately diagnosis and document. Coagulation happens to be a condition that is a documentation challenge for physicians and CDI teams alike. 

Accuity’s education team, Dr. Lynn Miller and Kelly Burns, CCS, were featured on the ACDIS Podcast to examine how hospitals can better identify coagulation pathways, which can manifest in multiple forms, from traumatic DIC to thrombophilia in weight loss surgery to new board coagulopathy.  

“Coagulopathy is incorrectly assumed to be a problem with clotting and increased risk of bleeding usually due to impaired clot formation,” said Dr. Miller. “But really it’s any derangement of hemostasis, which is the true definition of coagulopathy.” 

Listen to the ACDIS Podcast to hear Dr. Miller and Kelly offer tips to help your CDI teams comb through charts for coagulopathy clinical indicators. They also dive into the importance of examining the big picture of a patient’s history and social determinants of health so that CDI teams have strong clinical background knowledge to capture this difficult diagnosis. They also offer tips to writing effective queries surrounding a coagulation diagnosis. 

Listen to the ACDIS Podcast now. 

Dr. Lynn Miller, a Board-Certified Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgeon, left a full-time surgical practice to join Accuity and is now leads Accuity’s education team as Director of Education. Dr. Miller earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Michigan State University and has Fellowship status in the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. She also holds Board Certification in Integrative Medicine and continues to work on her Fellow status within Wilderness Medicine. This creates a nice blend of professional growth with exciting travel opportunities and family adventure, both additional favorite pastimes.

Pertinent to her work at Accuity, Dr. Miller has developed and implemented educational events and programs within academic arenas, medical facilities, and medical device corporations prior to joining Accuity’s education team. She also has extensive knowledge regarding the revenue cycle particularly from a surgical and implant perspective. 

Kelly Burns, CCS is Accuity’s education analyst. She serves as a subject matter expert in medical coding and revenue cycle management, in addition to spearheading education offerings for client coders. Her background in health information and physician directed content development enables her to be a key member of Accuity’s education team. Kelly obtained her coding education at SUNY Downstate Brooklyn and is pursing a Master of Public Health from George Washington University.  

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