Reducing Revenue Leakage Through DRG Reconciliation and Clinical Documentation Improvement Measures

Revenue leakage is a big issue for healthcare organizations in part thanks to inaccurate coding or clinical documentation. It’s critical each final coded inpatient DRG is validated through a thorough review process to ensure the coded data and actual clinical scenario match and are properly documented, which must occur after a patient is discharged but before the final bill is sent. These reviews are often a time-consuming, costly manual process. With an overwhelming amount of work for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals who have limited time and resources, this informative white paper addresses ways to ensure diagnostic-related group (DRG) reconciliation, accurate clinical documentation and optimized reimbursement.

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What’s Inside:

  • Middle revenue cycle climate assessment, including challenges of COVID-19 and physician burnout
  • HIM’s important role in DRG reconciliation
  • Addressing the challenges of incomplete or improper coding and clinical documentation
  • How physician-led clinical documentation integrity can move the needle