The Importance of Implementing Clinically Intelligent Compliance Programs

Over 500% ROI and $11.6M in net revenue lift obtained during the 90-day pilot for our last 6 implementations

Creating and maintaining clinically intelligent compliance programs must be an operational priority for hospitals. Eliminating healthcare fraud and abuse is a top priority for government regulators and is a significant concern for healthcare organizations. To avoid becoming the next investigative target, hospitals must maintain strict adherence to the regulatory requirements that govern healthcare operations.

Fortunately, the compliance experts at Accuity have some solid advice for creating a plan that lessens compliance risk for your hospital. Accuity’s Vice President of Revenue Integrity, Dr. Bringham Strelow, outlines the steps your hospital can take to ensure your compliance program is up to par.

What's inside:

  • How to establish compliant coding practices
  • Why staff training is critical
  • Why coding integrity, including data security, plays a key role in healthcare compliance
  • The importance of establishing auditing procedures
  • How a physician-led pre-bill review solution can help

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